Our Mission

The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence is here for you!

MCAE & COIN TeamThe Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) is a community-based space focused on the academic experiences of first-generation students, students of Color, and American Indian students. MCAE supports students from the beginning of their time at the university to achieve their academic aspirations.  

We validate the multiple dimensions of identity our students hold and recognize the unique barriers and challenges they will encounter within predominantly white academic spaces. Our work aims to equip students to navigate this reality in meaningful ways.

Identity & Culture

  • We honor students’ multiple identities and intentionally leverage their cultural knowledge, intergenerational resilience, and ways of being, to build self efficacy along their college journey.

Holistic Support

  • We develop and implement support initiatives and engagement opportunities that provide skills and interventions for faculty, staff, and students to be wholly supported as they navigate predominantly White academic spaces.

Advocacy & Engagement

  • We challenge the erasure of our students’ experiences and advocate to transform academic environments to honor the contributions, narratives, and stories our communities hold. 

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MCAE Student Support

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