Summer 21 Academic Support Services

Our Summer Learning Consultants are ready. Schedule an appointment with one of our tutors. (below). Just click on their scheduling link!

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How to....

How do I navigate the Academic Support (Tutors) tab?

Each consultant has the following listed:

  • Their name and preferred pronouns. 
  • A picture.
  • Academic topics that they specialize in.
  • Specific courses they specialize in. 
  • A specified link to schedule an online consulting session. 

How do I set up an appointment? 

You may use the following steps to set up an appointment. 

  • Locate the subject area or specific tutor you wish to set up an appointment for. 
  • Click on the link available underneath their biography. 
  • You will navigate to a Google Calendar. On this calendar will be available time slots to schedule an appointment. 
  • LEASE BE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR x500. Otherwise you will not be able to schedule your appointment.
  • Click on a time that works best for you. Then click on the save button. Your MCAE academic consultant will communicate with you before your appointment. 
  • Before your scheduled appointment, please fill out this FORM

I haven’t received anything from my academic consultant or the Zoom link is not working.

There are three steps you can take. 

  • At the top of the “Academic Support (Tutors)” tab, there is a drop-in zoom link, There will be at least one academic consultant in that zoom link for immediate assistance. 
  • If by chance there is no one available in the link to provide assistance, please visit the regular MCAE office hours located on our homepage. 
  • If neither of those links are working, please contact

Yanai, she/her/hers

Yanai, MCAE Academic Consultant, Tutoring

Subject Areas: Chinese, Math & Writing. MATH2373, CSCI1133, CHN1012, CHN3021, CHN3022, CHN3031, BMeN 2401

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Helen, she/her/hers

Zaney, he/him/his

Zaney, MCAE Academic Consultant, Tutoring

Subject Areas: CSCI1913, CSCI2011, CSCI2021, CSCI2033, CSCI2041

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Nisha, she/her/hers

Nisha, she/her/hers

Subject Areas: BIOL 1951,1961, 2003, 3004; CHEM 1061,1065,1062,1066, 2301, 2302

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Tarik, he/him/his

MCAE Academic Consultants, Tutoring

Subject Areas: Calculus I, Calculus II, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Physics 1, Physics 2, Quantum Physics, CSCI 1133, CSCI 1113, CSCI 1933, CSCI 2011

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