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Ariana Consultant

Ariana (she/her)

Subject: Math

Math 1371 and 1372

Indira consultant

Indira (she/her)

Subjects: Writing

Luke Consultant

Luke (he/him) 

Subjects: Math, Computer Science, & Electrical Engineering

CSCI 1133, CSCI 1933, CSCI 4041, EE 2015, EE 2301, EE 2361, MATH 2373 


Raphael (He/him)

Subject: Statistics and Math

STAT 3001, STAT 3032, MATH 1271


Whitney  (She/Her)

Subject: Economics and Chemistry  

CHEM 1062, CHEM 1066 or ECON1101

Cole consultant

Cole (he/him)

Subject: Computer Science, Economics, Chemistry

COMM 1101, MUS1014, BIOL 1001, CHEM 1061, CHEM 1065, CSCI 1133, EXON 1102

MCAE & COIN Student Team

Janelle (she/her)

Subjects: Biology and Chemistry

BIOL1009H and CHEM1015


Meredith (she/her) 

Subject Spanish: 


MCAE & COIN Student Team

Sahil (he/him)


MATH 1142, ACCT 2051, BA 2051, ECON 1102, , WRIT 1301

MCAE & COIN Student Team

Yanai (She/her)

Subject: Statistics and Math

BMEN 2401, GCD 5005, MATH 1031, and MATH 1051


Ijeoma (She/they)

Subject: Writing, French, Biology

BIOL 1003, FRN 1001, FRN 1002, Writing Intensive Courses

Jonathan Consultant

Jonathan (he/him) 

Subjects: Econ & Writing 

ECON110, ENGL1001W , WRIT130 & General Writing Support 


Nisha (She/Her)

Subject: Biology and Chemistry 

BIOL 1951, BIOL 2003, CHEM 1061, BIOC 2021, BIOC 3022


Tarik (He/him)

Subject: Math. Physics, Computer Science

CSCI 1933, CSCI 1133. CSCI 4041, CSCI 2021, PHYS 2503, PHYS 1302W, PHYS 1301W, PHYS 2601, MATH

Yayoua consultant

Yayoua (she/her)

Subject: Statistics and Math

English and Hmong