American Indian Cultural House

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A Living Learning Community

The American Indian Cultural House is a Living Learning Community for first year students with American Indian heritage, or who are interested in learning more about American Indian culture. Created in 2003, it is one of only a few programs of its kind in the nation!

The American Indian Cultural House is a co-ed community open to all-incoming first-year students. Participants may include students across all colleges who are interested in past and contemporary American Indian issues and intercultural learning. The goal of the American Indian Cultural House Living Learning Community is to provide a supportive community where the academic experiences of students will be nurtured and enriched as well as help in making friends, and finding their niche on campus. 

 As part of the Cultural House, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Live together on the fifth floor of Comstock Hall, a U of M residence hall right in the heart of campus Twin Cities campus.
  • Gain leadership experience and help organize the annual AICH Film Series, which features films that highlight University Libraries American Indian film collections.
  • Participate in U of M American Indian student organizations on campus and get involved with the special events such as the annual Fall Round Dance. Spring Powwow, traditional storytelling, inviting special speakers to campus, and enjoy the monthly Frybread Fridays
  • Receive direct access to student support services on campus such as the Circle of Indigenous Nations and the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence.

American Indian Film Series:

AICH Retreat 2016

If you have any special accommodations, please contact Raul Aguilar Jr. at

MCAE Kick Off Leaders Harrison and Avery

How to Apply:

1) If you would like to participate in the American Indian Cultural House for the 2020-2021 class, please complete the participation form at:

2) Fill Out the Housing Contract ( - application available November 2020

3) Request the American Indian Cultural House Living Learning Community (Priority Deadline: March 1)

4) Confirm your enrollment in the upcoming Freshman Class


Staff Contact: Raul Aguilar Jr.

Raul 2017

Interim Coordinator - Circle of Indigenous Nations