Circle of Indigenous Nations Orientation

  • American Indian Student Cultural Center's Mural
    American Indian Student Cultural Center's Mural
  • American Indian Cultural House 2018
    American Indian Cultural House 2018
  • Spring Pow Wow 2019
    Spring Pow Wow 2019

Welcome Students:

Circle of Indigenous Nations: Welcome Video

Step 1:

Have you completed your new student checklist?

  • Complete your New Student Checklist at:
    • Click on your college’s orientation website on the right sidebar, find the link for “New Student Checklist” and click on it
      • For example, on CLA’s website, the link is in section 2
      • You can then complete the following steps
    • Confirm your orientation date
      • Earlier the better, this will allow you better choice of class times
    • Answer surveys about yourself
    • Take placement tests for mathematics, chemistry, and second language (French, German, or Spanish)
      • While these may seem tedious, they are very important, and you want to do your best to avoid having to re-take unnecessary classes.

Step 2:

Navigate your college’s New Student Orientation Website

  • All of the college’s website’s are located on the sidebar to the right.
  • Make sure to complete your remote orientation for your specific college.

Step 3: See Our Space

COIN Virtual Tour 2020

Step 4: Connect with Your Student Coordinator!

COIN SC 2020

Pauly Soulia  

Sisseton Whapeton Oyate

He/Him/His |

Rissa Kier-Ficken  

White Earth Ojibwe

She/Her/Hers |

During your orientation, please schedule a meeting with your COIN Student Coordinator to introduce yourself and hear a little more about them and their experience here at the U!

Interim Coordinator - Circle of Indigenous Nations

Raul 2017

Raul Aguilar Jr.

He/Him/His | 322 Appleby Hall | (612)-624-2555 |

Financial Aid Resources

Minnesota Tribal Funding Sites

Information forthcoming

OneStop Student Services

If you have questions regarding your financial aid package, or need help with your FAFSA information, please connect with our OneStop Student Services at